Insinööritoimisto Gradientti Oy

We provide customized solutions to our clients’ environmental challenges. Our consultancy services focus on waste management and waste recycling and reuse. We use our knowhow to ensure that all legal and environmental commitments are met, while meeting client’s economic targets.


Waste management planning is essential in improving waste management processes. As a solution to that, we offer our clients waste management modernization planning service and elaboration of the waste management modernization plan, which contains description of the existing situation in the waste management processes, covers the goals to be met and formulations of appropriate strategies and necessary implementation means.

To achieve the target of reusing renewable raw materials, it’s very important to keep that in mind already at the stage of collecting and treating waste. We have long-term experience in waste utilization consultancy services, especially in using renewable materials as a civil construction material or in energy production. We perform both environmental and structure quality control checks of the renewable materials.

Our waste management services are:

  • Environmental permit applications
  • Waste management planning
  • Planning, tendering and supervision for the construction of waste treatment and disposal facilities
  • Handling of waste acceptance procedures
  • Assessment and consulting on the reuse of waste materials, e.g. assisting companies in obtaining CE marking to their products


Our clients are different-sized waste recycling and reuse companies and industrial companies. We’ve planned numerous waste recovery and recycling facilities including permit applications, worked on several plans concerning waste recovery and quality control checking and assisted our clients to obtain CE marking for renewable materials.

We’ve delivered a waste management modernization plan for a small municipality in Russia in 2014.