Other services


Consulting on the reuse of waste materials

To achieve the target of reusing renewable raw materials, it’s very important to keep that in mind already at the stage of collecting and treating waste. We have long-term experience in waste utilization consultancy services, especially in using renewable materials as a earthwork construction material or in energy production.


Environmental permit applications

We help to determine whether you need to get an environmental permit or a different type of registration for your business activity in EU and prepare the applications on the base of that. We also provide all attachments needed, such as a waste monitoring plan, and contact the environmental authorities when agreed to.


Recycling centers: planning and the permitting process

We handle the whole environmental permit process for waste treatment facilities including planning and design. We prepare layouts and the drainage plans for recycling centers and provide the earthwork construction planning. We also assist you in the process of tendering and supervision for the construction of waste treatment and disposal facilities in EU.


Landfill acceptability of waste

We help to determine whether your waste is suitable to go to landfill by basic characterization test of waste fractions and perform the necessary analysis. We also prepare the assessment of the landfill acceptability in accordance with valid EU legislation.


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